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Services by Carey's Auto Body Inc.
in Colville, Washington

Carey's Auto Body Inc and our seasoned technicians are experts in vehicle repair. With the latest technology and equipment, we are able to provide you with quick and flawless repairs and restoration.
Full Collision Repair
Free Computer Estimates - Electronically Color Matched On-Site - Cyclone Fencing to Protect Your Vehicle - Semi-Down Draft Bake Spray Booth - Carey's Auto Body Inc works with your insurance company - Unibody Universal Measuring System with Upper Body Measuring - All Vehicles Detailed Before Delivery - Loaner Car May be Available - ENVIRONMENTALLY CONCERNED, WE RECYCLE!
Car Repaint - Auto Body Repair in Colville, WA
While You Wait
Carey's Auto Body Inc wants to help make trusting your car to us for repairs and restoration as easy and seamless as possible. It is an inconvenience to have your car in the body shop, so below is how we can help make it a little better.
We Offer:
  • Early-Bird Drop-Off
  • Working With Your Insurance Company
  • FREE Pickup & Delivery
  • Loaner Cars In Some Cases
Hints & Tips
  1. After your car is painted, do not use a high pressure nozzle to wash your car for 1-2 months.
  2. After your car is painted, please allow 1-2 months before applying wax, your fresh paint needs this time to cure.
  3. If you get tree pitch on your cars paint, use a soft cloth & denatured alcohol and lightly dab the pitch to allow the denatured alcohol to dissolve the pitch. With this approach, the pitch won't stain your paint and it shouldn't scratch your paint finish.
  4. It is a good idea to wax your car at least once a year. Try to use a wax that contains carnauba and always use soft clean cloths.
  5. Wash your car from the top down to avoid getting dirt in your mitt and causing scratches to your paint. Do the tires and wheels last or with a different wash mitt and water.
  6. Always wash or wax your car in the shade to avoid water spots; this will make the wax will be easier to remove.